May 25, 2018

Why Capriotti’s is a Smart Addition to Your Multi-Unit Portfolio

In a time when many full-service concepts are struggling, fast-casual dining shows the strongest growth in the restaurant industry. That’s because consumers’ dining preferences are shifting. Specifically, restaurant-goers are seeking out concepts that offer the perfect balance of high-quality food options and convenience. Fast-casual gives the people what they want.

At the same time, multi-unit franchise owners recognize the strengths of this restaurant format – simplified operations, scalability and limited footprint. Capriotti’s is the perfect example of what makes the fast-casual space such fertile ground for multi-unit owners – we signed more than 50 franchise agreements in 2017. And more than 70 percent of our franchise system is comprised of multi-unit owners. With this high percentage of franchise partners reinvesting in the brand, it’s clear we’ve got a great thing going.


Our unique store setup and best-in-class support position our franchise partners for ongoing growth. Here are some reasons why Capriotti’s is the perfect addition to your multi-unit portfolio:


Capriotti’s is a versatile concept that lends itself to a variety of store layouts. Stores range from traditional free-standing spaces to non-traditional options like airports and malls. The adaptable concept gives multi-unit owners more flexibility within their target markets.

Even though our restaurants serve fanatically good sandwiches with top-quality ingredients, we keep our kitchen space contained to no more than 800 square feet so owners are able to leverage as much floor space as possible for guest seating. Keeping the food prep area to a minimum square footage also helps maintain simplified operations compared to full-service concepts. As a result, franchise partners can adjust their restaurants to fit various spaces and formats. With no set kitchen layout, we can advise on how to make the kitchen work best in a given space.


Corporate support is the cornerstone of any franchise model, but Capriotti’s comprehensive, consultative support program, CAPMastery, is unparalleled in the industry. We are committed to maximizing unit-level economics and helping our owners get what they want from their businesses. Additionally, with a majority of our system made up of multi-unit owners, we have experience guiding partners as they scale their businesses.


The aim of CAPMastery is to boost profitability by helping owners set achievable goals – and harnessing franchise partners’ enthusiasm. This voluntary program includes online and field training, creating an accessible path to growth.

The program also adapts to meet franchise partners where they are – from new, single-unit operators to experienced multi-unit masters. Multi-unit Capriotti’s owners can rest easy, knowing they’ll get the support they need to scale successfully.

For 40 years, the Capriotti’s brand has stood for mind-blowingly good food and unrivaled support for franchise partners. With our excellent product and extensive support systems, we ensure our franchise partners are set up for success and growth every step of the way.

To learn more about Capriotti’s ongoing innovation in the franchising space, contact us at 702-374-4746 or