May 8, 2018

Some Brands Have Fans, Capriotti’s Has Food Addicts

A fan will frequent your restaurants, download the rewards app and maybe mention you in a tweet.

A super-fan will monitor his friends’ vacation plans to let them know if they’ll be within driving distance of a Capriotti’s.

(And if they are, he’ll send them directions.)

Longtime Capriotti’s enthusiast Chris Rossetti is – without a doubt – a super-fan. He fell in love with the brand 30 years ago while dating his wife Darla long-distance. He would travel from his home in Florida to visit her in Pennsylvania, always stopping at the Philadelphia Capriotti’s.

Three decades later, Chris and Capriotti’s – and Chris and Darla – are still matches made in heaven.

True Love

After they wed, Chris and Darla enjoyed eight years of marital bliss. In other words, their Pennsylvania home was very close to a Capriotti’s, and they went every week after church.

But there was trouble in paradise. Life took the Rossettis from Philadelphia to San Francisco, a city that, to Chris’s horror, lacked a Capriotti’s. For years he pined for his favorite sandwich, The Bobbie, detouring family road trips to visit the Las Vegas Capriotti’s and bee-lining to the Philadelphia location whenever the couple went home for the holidays.

“I guess that’s an addiction, isn’t it?” he mused. “It’s a near obsession. It might be a psychological disorder.”

Once again, Chris found himself in a long-distance relationship – this time with a sandwich shop.

But true love finds a way. Capriotti’s announced a new location in Concord, California, an easy 45-minute drive for the Rossettis. Chris called every two days to get updates on the grand opening date.

Soon after, Capriotti’s opened a second Bay Area location, this time in San Jose, a one-hour drive from San Francisco. This time, Chris brought his son along. Because the two were among the first 100 guests to arrive, his son won free sandwiches for a year – and ate one every weekday for 12 months.

Now, Chris cherishes a photo of his grandson trying a Capriotti’s sandwich for the first time. His passion for the brand has spanned three decades and three generations. Dare we call it the greatest love story ever told?

Sharing Good News

Capriotti's sandwich franchise

Chris’s Capriotti’s addiction runs on more than tradition or nostalgia. For him, the quality of the food makes every bite feel like the first.

“It all boils down to quality,” he said. “I can’t stand when I go to a sandwich shop and see the sandwich-maker pick up three slices of meat that you can see through. When they lay the meat on a scale, that’s what really cracks me up. I want to see someone reach in there and make you a sandwich, just like you’re at home.”

But Chris’s commitment to Capriotti’s doesn’t stop at eating sandwiches – he wants everyone to know about the food that means so much to him.

“If I see that my San Francisco friends are on vacation, I’ll look up where the nearest Capriotti’s is, and I’ll shoot them a message asking something like, ‘Do you realize you are only an hour away from the best sandwich in the world?’” he said. “I’ve never had a person try it and be disappointed.”

His motivation for shouting his love from the rooftops?

“I just enjoy seeing people happy,” he said. “I enjoy sharing good news.”

Putting People First

One of Capriotti’s differentiators is its strong (and vocal) fan base. Our super-fans are active on social media, and their enthusiasm drives word-of-mouth marketing and new business for franchise partners.

We encourage our franchise partners to get to know their most loyal customers. (Chris can name the owners of the Capriotti’s locations he frequents.) These customers not only give us their business, they give meaning to what we do.

One of our five core values is family. To us, that means caring about people and forming connections. We put so much effort into our food so guests can enjoy it with friends, family and coworkers. Super-fans like Chris are evidence we’re doing our job. Capriotti’s has become not just a favorite sandwich shop, but a place filled with happy, delicious, sometime silly memories for him and the love of his life, Darla.

If you’re interested in franchise opportunities with a brand that fosters a healthy addiction to its food, contact us at 702-374-4746 or