April 18, 2018

Putting Bread on the Table: How We Create High Returns for Our Franchise Partners

Sandwiches are big business these days.

Sandwich business concepts compose 18 percent of the $52 billion fast-casual sector, and they’re quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for entrepreneurs seeking lucrative business opportunities in the restaurant industry. Factor in fast-casual’s rise to the top of the restaurant space and you’ve got a promising prospect for aspiring franchisees.

There’s no doubt that the fast-casual sandwich space is ripe for investment. However, without the right systems and support in place, it can be tough for franchisees to thrive – even in a booming market.

At Capriotti’s, we understand that our success depends on your success. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to build on our strong brand and obsessive quest for sandwich perfection, while ensuring high unit-level performance for our franchise partners. In fact, the top 25 percent of Capriotti’s locations average more than $1.1 million in sales annually, and our system-wide sales reached nearly $61 million this year.*

Here are some of the ways we set our franchise partners up for success:

A Quality, Crave-Worthy Product

Capriotti's franchise storefront nighttime

Guests shouldn’t have to pay for a less-than-stellar product – and at Capriotti’s, they never do. We’ve stayed true to our founders’ vision of a sandwich shop that uses only the highest-quality and freshest ingredients.

Every night, we slow roast whole, all-natural turkeys in house, and we hand-shred them each morning to feature in a variety of our fan-favorite subs. This includes our bestseller, The Bobbie, which was voted “The Greatest Sandwich in America.” We do things the hard way – making our meatballs from scratch, slow cooking and hand-pulling our roast beef and hand-crafting fresh coleslaw and tuna daily.

The ridiculously delicious food that’s been the cornerstone of our brand for decades not only drives franchise growth, it builds a loyal guest base and fuels strong sales. Consistent, repeat business is one of the biggest challenges for new restaurateurs to establish. But with our unparalleled product, franchise partners quickly create a base of fans in new markets across the country.

Benefits of the Fast-Casual Business Model

Capriottis franchise dining space

Not only do franchise partners benefit from our positive brand recognition, the fast-casual business model also provides many advantages that create strong return on investment:

  • Limited Footprint – We recommend spaces around 1,800 square feet. This way, franchise partners can optimize their kitchen and seating areas without overspending on real estate.
  • Efficient Operations – Staightforward, streamlined operations are the key to a successful and efficient fast-casual restaurant. We’ve invested time and money working with leading technology firms to develop the best point-of-sale and automation systems. These systems integrate inventory management, recipes and sales data with store schedules and labor costs, as well as automatically integrating third-party delivery and catering options. This helps our franchisees boost sales while providing guests with quick and convenient service.
  • Fewer Employees – Fast-casual concepts require fewer employees than full-service restaurants. As a result, franchise partners save on labor costs and see better margins.

Support from Our Family to Yours

While some franchisors focus more on growth than unit-level success, Capriotti’s has maintained our strong brand through 40 years and 100+ locations because of our best-in-class support for our franchise partners. With our excellent product and efficient model, we ensure our franchise partners are poised for profitability.

To learn more about Capriotti’s store earnings and franchise partner qualifications, contact us at 702-374-4746 or bruce.evans@capriottis.com.

* $1,115,570 is the average unit volume of the top 25% (8/44%) of all 74 franchised Capriotti’s shops in operation for th entire calendar year ending December 31, 2016. The median unit volume of restaurants in the top 25% of shops (8) is $1,120,259. A new franchisee’s results may differ from the represented performance. There is no assurance that you will do as well, and you must accept that risk. For information about the financial performance during 2016 of all franchised and affiliate-owned restaurants that operated for the full year see Item 19 of the CSSI Franchise Disclosure Document dated May 15, 2017. ** For a complete breakdown of the total investment, see Item 7 of the CSSI Franchise Disclosure Document dated May 15. 2017. The total investment ranges from $350K -$815K. The Franchise Investment varies.