May 17, 2018

Our Secret to Leaving Competitors in the Dust

Every day, 50 percent of Americans eat a sandwich. With so much demand, you’d think our competition would be stiff. But, let’s be honest: Capriotti’s doesn’t have competitors. That’s because our food is just that good.

By perfecting our renditions of this American favorite, we’ve positioned ourselves as a top contender in the popular sub sandwich market.

Here are some of the secrets to our fanatically good sandwiches – and what makes us the go-to brand for thousands of CAPAddicts and raving fans across the country:

Fresh, Quality Ingredients

We’re obsessed with food and exceeding expectations. Our core business values – from passion to integrity and genuineness – aren’t just employed in our leadership style or the way we treat our guests. The same ingenuity and authenticity that makes our brand and people so lovable also makes our food mouthwateringly delicious.

When Capriotti’s originated in 1976, the restaurant became known for our founders’ nightly tradition of slow-roasting whole, all-natural turkeys in house. Many restaurant brands that seek to expand rapidly start to cut corners and favor cheaper, processed meats and ingredients. We opted to stick to our roots – and it’s paid off.

4-Friends Sitting Beach

Fans across the country notice the difference our fresh, quality ingredients make. We use all-natural, house-prepared meats for all our sandwiches, including The Bobbie – voted the Best Sandwich in America.

Then, we add other premium ingredients – whether it’s Swiss or provolone cheese, fresh veggies, house dressings or made-from-scratch coleslaw – and put them in one of our signature soft buns. Voila! You have a simple yet deliciously addictive sandwich that keeps guests coming back.

A Handmade Tale

Making sandwiches is not rocket science. But it is sandwich science – and not everyone gets it right. As many brands try to squeeze profit margins to the last cent, it makes sense that inexpensive, run-of-the-mill ingredients lead to yawn-worthy sandwiches.

Not only do we use the freshest ingredients, we prepare our food the hard way – another secret behind our insanely crave-able food. We make our meatballs from scratch. We slow-roast and hand-pull our homemade turkey and roast beef – and our handmade, premium grilled steak and chicken sandwiches aren’t bad, either. We also make fresh, homemade tuna and coleslaw daily.

Capriotti's makes the nation's best turkey sandwiches fresh in store

Although some of our food preparation takes a few minutes longer than our competition, we make sure operations stay simple for our franchise partners. We slow roast our turkey and meats overnight, so owners are ready to open up shop and efficiently serve their guests the next day.

Within the growing $52 billion fast-casual restaurant sector, many restaurants struggle to stand out. At Capriotti’s, standing out has been and always will be – like our ingredients – natural.

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