January 9, 2020

Keto and Paleo friendly ordering at Capriotti’s

What’s the Best thing to order on a Paleo or Keto Diet?

So, you’ve gone Paleo or Keto. You’ve heard from friends and family that are doing it. Maybe you’re just starting yourself. Maybe you’ve been on it since it was called Atkins (joking).  I for one, will not forego my delicious, freshly baked bread, ever. You, however, may have.

But now you feel sad and empty inside (literally and figuratively), because how can you eat at Capriotti’s? No worries fam, we have you covered.

What can you order when on the diet?

Well, let’s just start at the obvious items. Our salads. They’re amazing. (Already know? Order here.)


Capriotti’s offers five Paleo / Keto friendly salads. Depending on how strict you are or how many points you’ve already used, you may want to order them without certain items like corn and bean salsa.

    • Balsamic Chicken
    • BBQ Chicken
    • BBQ Turkey
    • CAP’s Chopped (not pictured)
    • Black and Bleu


Balsamic chicken saladBBQ turkey saladBBQ chicken saladblack and bleu salad



Mmm. Soup. Is there ever a time in this modern world of air conditioning when soup isn’t a good choice? Not really. Here are some soup options that are Paleo / Keto friendly.

  • Tomato Basil Soup
  • Clam Chowder (available at certain stores and regions)

Custom Paleo / Keto Orders

Want a cheese steak, but without bread? Or how about a Capastrami “sans pain”? Whatever it is, order it!

Capriotti’s will do our best accommodate any order, except ketchup on a cheesesteak, then we’ll ask you leave. Just kidding, we got you too, you ketchup loving renegade.

Anyhow, back to Paleo / Keto. If you feel like eating something we serve in any number of ways, order it. It’s that easy. We’ve made countless Capastramis, Cole Turkeys, Italians, and even vegetarian options like our amazing veggie “chicken” cheese steak, without bread, or with any number of wild ingredient combinations.

First and foremost, we’re here for you. (And if you want to cheat on your diet, our lips our sealed then too.)

We’re hungry just thinking about it. Get going and get eating now with a pickup or delivery order.