June 20, 2018

Inside Capriotti’s Innovative Approach to Store Design

For over 40 years, Capriotti’s has been using high-quality ingredients to create the best sandwiches you’ll ever eat. In the last 27 years, we have continued to grow our reach to over 100 stores and growing through franchising the best sandwich concept around.

As we’ve expanded our footprint in new markets across the United States, we’ve continuously considered how store design – both aesthetically and functionally – can make our customers feel at home at every location.

New Style

The original Capriotti’s restaurant design centered on a classic diner vibe, with white and black tiles and a traditional layout. While this theme has served the brand well for years, we have recently been taking steps to revamp the in-store style.

The new stylistic additions and an important shift in store layout have already wowed CAPAddicts and enticed new sandwich lovers, too.

While the original stores captured the classic style, the new design is learning towards more modern trends, like raw materials and a rustic style.


Capriotti’s Director of Design and Construction, Ja Haddad, explained that the brand approached the design just as they do their sandwiches.

“We do everything the hard way,” Ja said. “Just like we roast whole fresh turkeys for our sandwiches every day, we weren’t taking the easy way out with materials. You’ll see we’ve chosen real bricks and use reclaimed materials to get our new style.”

These authentic choices of reclaimed wood, concrete floors and real exposed brick create a warm and welcoming style.

“Our foods not pretentious, and neither is our design.”

High-quality materials in Capriotti’s design parallel the high-quality ingredients that make our favorite sandwiches. This revamped design gives a fresh face to an established favorite in the marketplace.

New Layout

Capriotti’s is unique for a lot of reasons, but one is that there is not a standard layout. Due to the nature of our franchise brand, owners find a variety of locations for their new Capriotti’s sandwich shops. Instead of a cookie cutter layout, the brand puts together a kit of store parts and works with each owner to design the right layout for their space.


While nothing is the same, there is one big change that will be showing up in store layout. The ovens that roast juicy turkeys daily and the refrigerator where we house the fresh meats will be moved up front, in view of the guests. We focus so much on these fresh, whole meats, we want to share the process with our guests to further reflect our drive toward authenticity and transparency.

“We don’t want to lose that brand recognition,” Ja said. “Bringing the ovens upfront near the register is taking transparency to a new level. We’re always evolving and changing to give customers the best experience.”


The flexibility in layout not only allows for a variety of real estate locations to become home to a Capriotti’s, but it also allows owners to incorporate their own local flair. For example, stores in Nashville work in the musicality of the city into their design. Capriotti’s is a national brand, but it’s your local sandwich shop, using family recipes to make the best subs you’ll ever try, and the new design reflects that.

Capriotti’s latest store designs will debut in fall 2018. The design and ambiance may have changed over the years, but our commitment to quality and your favorite mouthwatering subs remains unwavering.

To learn more about franchise opportunities with a sandwich franchise concept that remains dedicated to innovating at all levels, contact us at 702-374-4746 or bruce.evans@capriottis.com.