March 10, 2020

Impossible® made from plants protein + Capriotti’s

Why We Created the Most Delicious Impossible™ Cheese Steak in the World

The Impossible plant based protein cheese steak is now available

Ever since we first opened our doors back in 1976, Capriotti’s has been dedicated to bringing delicious, high-quality products to sandwich lovers across the United States. As sandwich trends evolve, we work hard to cater to every customer’s craving – whether it’s a turkey sandwich, like The Bobbie or a roast beef sandwich.

Now, we can even provide the taste of our original Cheese Steak to a wider range of customers with the newest Capriotti’s menu addition: the Impossible™ Cheese Steak.

Going Green and Changing the Way We Eat

The call for more plant-based menu options has increased in the past couple of years, with Grubhub deliveries of plant-based orders up by 25 percent in 2019. Not only have we seen an uptick in plant-based menu options, but flexitarianism is also becoming more popular.

One in three Americans considers themselves a flexitarian, or someone who mainly sticks to a vegetarian diet while occasionally including meat or fish. Flexitarianism brings two different positives to the table: its positive environmental impact and its health benefits.

As plant-based eating trends continue to grow, companies like Impossible Foods are working hard to bring plant-based protein that still tastes delicious to the mainstream public, further expanding the future of menu options nationwide.

Combining Tried and True Goodness with Plant-Based Protein

Our recipe of cheesy goodness, fried peppers, mushrooms, onions and high-quality meat is a fan favorite, and the last thing we want to do is keep all that deliciousness to ourselves. Whether our guests are meat fanatics, vegetarians or anything in between, we want each of them to have the opportunity to fall in love with Capriotti’s Cheese Steak.

We paired up with Impossible Foods to make that goal a reality. Instead of thinly sliced beefsteak mingling with melted cheese, peppers and onions, we’ve added 100 percent plant-based protein to create a sandwich that is just as mouth-watering and satisfying as the original.

Not to toot our own horn, but we’re confident that this sandwich is by far the best tasting, highest quality Impossible entrée in the fast-casual industry.

Topping the Sandwich Charts

Once we created the Impossible Cheese Steak, we spent several months testing the recipe at select locations in the Las Vegas area and kept tweaking it until it was absolutely, craving-worthy perfect. And the results are in: it’s a hit, even amongst our most dedicated meat-loving patrons.

The Impossible Cheese Steak will now join Capriotti’s current vegetarian options, the Veggie Chicken Cheese Steak, Veggie Cole Turkey and Veggie Turkey sandwiches. Later this spring, we may even introduce an Impossible Meatball sandwich to provide even more options for every sandwich fanatic.

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